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teenaged_girlEarlier this year, a teen we’ll call Kasey stopped into the Kids’ Closet with her caseworker. Kasey was in high school and had been to more than 10 schools in her life. Each time she started at a new school, it was difficult for her to catch up, or she would be ahead and grow listless in class. In an effort to energize Kasey and ease yet another transition to a new school, her caseworker connected her to Ambassadors for Children. Kasey describes her experience in the Kid’s Closet like this: “I had so much fun looking at the clothes! They were so nice and I felt so beautiful in the outfits I picked out. I can’t wait to come back in the spring and look at the prom dresses!”

All youth deserve to feel valued and cared-for. Your partnership with Ambassadors for Children helps Kasey and countless other foster children in Southwest Missouri with essential items and self-esteem boosting support. Many of the children we serve have experienced unthinkable traumas and multiple losses. Your support of Ambassadors for Children helps to give them hope.

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