The need

kid-girl-child-cute-160433A busy mother and father of two recently stepped up to serve as foster parents for six-month-old twins and their six-year-old sister. Caring for their own infant child as well as a school-aged son, the addition of foster infant twins and a foster daughter stretched resources even thinner for this family. To prepare for the most recent school year, the six-year-old received tutoring at Ambassadors for Children (and loves learning about horses and farm animals!) while her foster parents shopped the Kids’ Closet for new clothes, diapers and needed baby supplies to support this family of five children.

In Greene, Christian, and Taney Counties, there are approximately 1,000 children in foster care at the present moment. For Missouri foster parents, only about $200 per year is provided per child for shoes, clothing, winter coats, etc. For a rapidly growing child, this would barely keep clothing in the closet for a season, let alone a full year. Recognizing the urgent need, Ambassadors for Children began to provide children in foster placements two visits a year to the Kids’ Closet, a fun and inviting location that allows kids to “shop” for brand new clothing! For many children, this is the first time they’ve had clothing that belonged to them and others are astounded clothing comes “in [my] size.”

For a child, new clothing, a comforting stuffed animal, eyewear, and access to musical or athletic endeavors make a big difference in their development and feelings of worth. For the foster parents, a new child in the home not only changes a family dynamic, but the budget. The help from Ambassadors for Children with clothing, shoe and haircut vouchers, and sports fees can alleviate growing pains and return the focus to healing.