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There are over 1,000 children in temporary care throughout Greene, Christian and Taney Counties. Each child has a name, a face, and a story. Each family stepping in to add another child to their family, each temporary care facility absorbing a new resident: they have names and faces too. Ambassadors for Children was created to help meet practical needs and provide a sense of hope to children in foster care and their families.

We work closely with Children’s Division caseworkers to identify children entering care in need of comfort bags, visits to the Kids’ Closet, and to fulfill other requests that may be needed for a child such as beds, furniture, access to extracurricular activities and more.

To be eligible for our services, clients must live in Greene, Christian or Taney County and be caring for a child in temporary care. Our services are offered to these qualifying families free of charge. As each child is unique, all of our clients’ needs are unique. Please contact your caseworker or call us for more information about eligibility, access, and more.



Adopt-A-Unit empowers our community to care for vulnerable children by matching groups and individuals with Children’s Division caseworker units to provide for the needs of families including children in foster care, children at risk for coming into foster care, and biological families working to be reunited. Groups who agree to adopt a caseworker unit will be the first line of access to these caseworkers when they have a request for families they are working with. Examples of requests fulfilled by partner groups include birthday gifts, beds, bedroom furniture, dining tables, Christmas gifts, mattresses, and any other items that may be needed to positively impact the life of a child in care or waiting to be reunited with biological parents.

Kids' Closet

The Kids’ Closet is often the first stop foster parents make. The Kids’ Closet provides children with new clothing, coats, shoes, and haircut vouchers. For some children, this is the first time in their young lives they’ve ever had anything brand new to call their very own.

What to expect

Eligible children can come twice a year to the Kids’ Closet (spring/summer; fall/winter). Children are able to select three complete outfits, pajamas, socks and underwear, and receive vouchers for a haircut and new shoes. In the winter, children will also receive a winter coat. We have sizing from newborn/infant to teens. When you make an appointment for a youth, we will get sizing information to make sure we have adequate selection in stock.

Pack-a-bag Program

Our Pack-a-Bag program is often the first connection we’re able to make with our foster families. This program provides a backpack with comfort items such as pajamas, a blanket, a stuffed toy and reading and coloring books, intended to provide some comfort for children.Often, when a child is removed from a home, they have little to no clothing. When children come from a home where drug use occurred, clothing and other personal items must be destroyed. In one instance, a child was removed from their home in the dead of winter. Her only outfit? A tank top and shorts. Stories like this remind us that it’s not just about the clothing.

Project Self Esteem

Funding for Project Self Esteem provides children in foster care access to self-esteem boosting items and activities. Examples of requests funded by Project Self Esteem include: sports registration fees, music lessons, furniture, replacement eyeglasses not funded by Medicaid, graduation items like class rings and yearbooks, school and family portrait photography, and more. We believe every kid should feel like a kid no matter what!

The Tutoring Program

The tutoring program at Ambassadors for Children provides one-on-one educational instruction for children and youth by volunteer tutors who have completed background checks and training. Once matched, tutors provide tutoring and mentoring once a week in a public setting.